Serious About Wanting To Get Completely Out Of Debt? 

Here’s How To Save Thousands Of Dollars In Interest! Guaranteed… Or Your Money Back!

Finacial Freedom & Debt Free Lifestyle in New Jersey

    Get Completely Out Of Debt In As Little As 6 To 12 Years With These 5 Proven Steps.

  • How would you like to Learn a step-by-step method of eliminating all your debts, Do this in approximately 7-10 years and Doing this without a second job and no major sacrifices, then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read. Here’s why:

    You will learn how to get out of debt at your current income level. Next, you’ll begin an investment program that will protect your money while making it grow for your financial independence and retirement.

    Now, I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim:


Reason Number One

  • This is not a credit repair or debt consolidation program, it is a debt elimination method that uses a linear math system that is simple and really works.

Reason Number Two           

  • We are the Number #1 Debt Elimination Seminar Program in America today.

Reason Number Three

  • We have completed over 2500 seminars since 1993 in colleges, universities, adult education venues and corporations throughout the United States.


Changed My Life!!!

“In fact your book has changed my lifestyle…I’ve paid off two credit cards and I am working on the last one…Not only has it helped me bring balance and peace to my life, it has enabled me to help (others).” –From: Jim Thackson

  • Put an end to your worries about money.
  • Puts your mind at ease.
  • Plan your finances more efficiently.

Save time because our method stops you from having to look around as to where you can save money. Now, you’re probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain. The “Common Cents Debt Elimination” is unique and different from any other debt management/elimination or financial        self-help book you may have ever read!

It Changed My Thinking!!!

I love the manual although I’m only halfway through it. I am really excited about my debt (that’s weird) and this book it just what I needed to jump start me in the right direction. I will be debt free in just 4 years. I am so committed to this that I am now on a cash basis even for Christmas. I’ll follow up in 4 years when my credit rating is high and my debts are ZERO!
–Donna Henson

The information in this manual represents tried and true strategies and tactical methods that work for everyone. “Common Cents Debt Elimination” represents the best of the best. What we present has been compiled from the best ideas and the best debt elimination teachers in the world today. It is the financial plan we ourselves follow…

You will learn a simple Math, methodology that will teach you how to rapidly pay off your mortgage. If you also have consumer debt, car payments, student loans, credit cards, etc., you will learn how to pay it all off in 1 to 3 years and then pay off your 15 or 30 year mortgage in another 4 to 5 years. The “Common Cents Debt Elimination” system will position you to do all the above without sacrificing your current lifestyle. You get to do this with all the money you have today, no second job, no living like a homeless person. The book even teaches you how to celebrate and enjoy getting out of debt, because we know most people enjoyed getting into debt so let’s make sure you enjoy getting out of debt and securing your future wealth.


This process can work for yourself, even if you are living from paycheck to paycheck and never have any money left over at the end of the month. The simple truth is that it doesn’t matter what your income level or debt level are, because the two numbers are balanced…by that I mean, if you have a large income, you’ll be granted enough credit to build up a large debt load. On the other hand, if you have a smaller income, you will be granted a smaller total debt load. The good news is that what ever the ratio of your debts to your income is the "Common Cents Debt Elimination" system can usually help you pay off your debts with your income in around 6 to 12 years.


Now…at our half day seminars we normally charge over a $1000 dollars. In this 103 page Book all the information is there for you to review at your leisure. PLUS…there are worksheets and charts for you to follow.

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